How POP AI Writer Credits work

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POP AI Writer requires POP Credits to generate AI optimized content. All POP plans include some POP Credits (see plans page for details) and each new month your account will be topped up.

When you need additional POP Credits, they can be purchased from within your account by going to Account Settings > Billing & Payments > Buy Credits.

POP AI Writer will deduct credits from your balance based on the following use:

Per 1,000 words of AI optimized content4 Credits
Per additional AI optimized Title regeneration.1 Credit
Per additional list of AI optimized Sub-headings regeneration.1 Credit
Per additional AI optimized Paragraph section regeneration.1 Credit

 * Each piece of AI written content comes with 5 free regeneration credits which can be used to regenerate Title / H1, Sub-headings or Paragraph text. 

Detailed cost breakdown

    1.) The first step to setting up the AI Writer will be selecting the amount of content you would like it to generate. Keep in mind, that every 1000 words generated will cost 4 POP Credits.

    We recommend also remaining vigilant in ensuring you are getting your credits worth. As 1001 words, will cost the same as 2000 words, 8 POP Credits. Having a for this calculator is handy, but be sure to ask yourself if the extra content isn't something you could write in by yourself.

    2.) On the second step for setting up the AI Writer, you will be asked if you would like any enriched content to be generated with the primary article. This includes things like bold terms, forms, FAQ's, introduction paragraphs and more. 

    While Bold Terms will not cost additional credits, FAQ's and introduction paragraphs will. Be sure to check the 'COST' column to see whether the enriched content you are generating, will cost additional credits.

    3.) For each AI Writer instance, you will have 5 free regeneration credits. This means you can regenerate the output for specific sections, regenerate your page title and H1, and your subheading approximately 5 times free of charge.

    Keep in mind that after these free credits are consumed, everything after will cost approximately 1 POP Credit. You can see how many credits you've used, by looking at the infographic to the right of the AI Writer setup field.

      If you intend to utilize the AI Writer frequently, we recommend pursuing the GPT-4 API access key. As this will make all enriched content free to generate, as well as reduce the AI Writer cost down to 1 POP Credit regardless of article size. You can learn more about it here.

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