How POP AI Writer Credits work

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POP AI Writer requires POP Credits to generate AI optimized content. All POP plans include some POP Credits (see plans page for details) and each new month your account will be topped up.

When you need additional POP Credits, they can be purchased from within your account by going to Account Settings > Billing & Payments > Buy Credits.

POP AI Writer will deduct credits from your balance based on the following use:

Per 1,000 words of AI optimized content4 credits
Per additional AI optimized Title regeneration.1 credit
Per additional list of AI optimized Sub-headings regeneration.1 credit
Per additional AI optimized Paragraph section regeneration.1 credit

 * Each piece of AI written content comes with 5 free regeneration credits which can be used to regenerate Title / H1, Sub-headings or Paragraph text. 

Detailed cost breakdown

1. When you begin the AI writing process you will be given the option to choose how many words you would like to be generated.

2. 4 credits will be deducted from your POP Credit balance for each 1,000 words of AI optimized content.

3. When you click on Generate Title, Generate H2&H3 and Generate Paragraph you will not be charged any additional credits yet.

4. Once you have a complete draft piece of content containing a Title, Sub-headings and Paragraph text you will have 5 free uses of the Regenerate button (including extract current title or subheadings) to further refine your piece of content. These can be used on Title / H1 section, Sub-headings or Paragraph sections.

5. Once you have used all 5 Regenerate credits you will be charged 1 POP Credit per Regenerate use (single click of Regenerate button).

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