I can't pay for my subscription.

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There are a few possible reasons.

1. Do you have a current POP account or did you have an account in the past?

If so, you will need to login to reactivate your subscription. After logging, navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ area. You can do so via the top right hand drop down menu. Then select the ‘Billing & Payments’ menu. From there in the ‘Change Plan’ menu, you will find the ‘Re-subscribe’ button.

2. If you had a previous account, did you delete your account instead of cancelling your subscription?

If you deleted your account you cannot use that email again. Please start a new subscription with a new email address for this new account.

3. Are you brand new to POP?

If so, it's likely that an ad blocker or popup blocker is stopping the payment window from opening. Try turning off any ad blockers or pop up blockers just while you are going through the payment system.

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