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Google Entities dashboard will show you the entities and categories that Google has identified for your content, as well as the content of your competitors.

In this dashboard you can see the categories and entities that you share with your competitors and the categories and entities that you are missing. These are highlighted in green and red respectively. Generally speaking text that is optimized for a main keyword will have one or two categories that it falls into. Even if categorized correctly, there may be entities that you are missing. 

To stay ahead of Google’s AI capabilities, we recommend adding the terms highlighted in red on your target page.

Keep in mind that for Google to see the entity it's not enough just to have the word or phrase on the page, you need to get the relevant contextual terms on the page around it. Look to the other contextual terms recommended by POP and get those on the page.

What are Google Entities?

Google Entities are terms that Googles NLP reads in order to assign your page a Category.

They often assign tags to these terms, saying what they associate that particular entity with. These tags include Location, Person, Organization, Work of Art, etc.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing.

This is a program or AI that reads all day. With the goal of the program being to able to read and interpret what it is reading.

What is a category?

Whenever Google crawls your page with their NLP. They assign your page a category. This category, is what they think your page is about.

The more certain Google is about what your page is about, the better. You can increase their confidence in your category, by adding Entities to your page.

How can I get Google's NLP API data to generate with my report?

In order to get Google's NLP API data within your report, you'll need to select the designated checkbox prior to your run being generated.

Below is a video that shows where you can find the NLP Checkbox, and how to use the NLP Dashboard

What if It Isn’t Seeing the Entity on My Page?

What Google is looking for when it is attempting to detect an entity, isn't as cut and dry as the entity simply existing on the page. It needs help contextualizing that term, to understand what specifically it is referencing. Take for example, the word crust. Normally, in conversation, context is available in the conversation. 

We might say 'this pie crust is delicious', or 'the crust of the Earth is what we are standing on. This context is something Google needs to identify an entity. As it won't know you are talking about pie crust, Earth's crust, or bike breaks; without that context.

How to use Google Entities NLP

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