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What is EEAT?

EEAT stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust.

Google isn't able to visit every business they index. As such, the way they determine that your page is a business, that offers multiple avenues for contact. And is real. They developed what is known as EEAT. They introduced this factor in their search engine, with the Medic Update, which is also commonly known as the Florida Update.

These factors help Google determine the legitimacy of your business, as well as if your business is going to 'Take the money and run.'

EEAT itself will not help you increase rank, however what it does do is anchor rankings you have gained. If your page doesn't include these signals. You run the risk of dropping rank. For this reason, we at POP, have integrated EEAT signal analysis into the tool.

How do I analyze my page with EEAT?

In order to run EEAT, you'll need to select the designated checkbox prior to your run being generated. Here is a video showcasing where those checkboxes are as well as how to use the dashboard itself:

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