Should I have two main keywords for the same page?

Dade Bulter

Last Update 3 bulan yang lalu

A good approach is that one primary keyword should have its own page. We don’t recommend using one page to target two main/primary keywords. For example, if you have a page about tacos, you wouldn’t want to talk about burritos on that page as well. Burritos should have its own page.

An important note is that if you properly optimize a page for a primary keyword, you will win the secondary/related keywords for that phrase. Healthy pages rank for 100s to 1000s of keywords. POP provides possible secondary keywords for your primary keyword for you to use in the POP Pro Content Brief section called "Related Keywords." A good practice is to use your most important secondary keywords on your page in either subtitles or body content. When you follow POPs recommendations you will often find that your pages will rank for more and more keywords.

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