What is a good score in POP?

Dade Bulter

Last Update 4 months ago

There are two different strategies in POP and each has their own scoring system.

POP Pro: Content Brief

The Content Brief is scored based on following the recommendations of the Content Brief. More specifically, the Important Terms Range at the top of each Content Brief Section. The closer to the range you are the higher your score will be. Once you are within the Important Terms Range with your pages Important Terms count; you will receive all the % credit for that particular section and should move onto the next. Most people start seeing good movement in rank once they hit a Content Brief score of 80%. Though if you can reach a score of 100% we recommend you do so. 

Compare Data Sub-tab: Signals Strategy

The score for POP Custom is calculated in a slightly different way than the Content Brief. It’s not always possible or a good idea to get to a score of 100%. This strategy bases it's score on the Compare Data tab.

The reason for this is, the POP Signals score is based on the Compare Data sub-tab suggestions found in the Advanced Analysis tab. As such, it is not always the best idea to follow your competitors exactly because they may have done some things incorrectly. This is where judgment calls come in. Most people will see positive movement when they hit somewhere between 60-70%. Often a good score that will be in the 80-85% range. From time to time it is possible to get above 90% but a score that high often isn’t necessary to rank well. The performance metrics of your target page are more important than a specific score in POP.

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