What is anchor text / How can I add anchor text to my page?

Dade Bulter

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Anchor text is any clickable text on your target page.

You can add anchor text to your page in a number of ways (listed in no particular order):

1.) You can add an internal link to another page in your site. For the anchor text you could say “click here for more information on [your keyword]” or “if you liked [your keyword] you may also like this page.”

2.) You could add an outbound link to an authority site on your topic.

3.) You could add a jump link. A jump link is a link that takes you to a section on your page.

4.) You could add a Table of Contents.

Menu links will also count as anchor text though we would recommend using one of the methods above before using a menu link to add to the anchor text of your page.

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